A Completely Biased Review of DDFS


How’s your weekend been? I’ve slept through all of it, waking up intermittently to order Dominos. In other words, I’m sure your weekend was good, but there’s no way you did the weekend better than me.

Today I’m talking about the night that was DDFS (The Downtown Dartmouth Fashion Show) I’m going to give you a completely biased run-down on the evening. So here we go.

There was something for everyone...

Room 152 brought their designer pre-loved awesomeness. (room_152)

Twigg and Feather came with the comfy knitwear. (twiggandfeather)

Vivacious Vixen lit up the show with their bold palette of dresses. (vivaciousvixenapparel) 

Ambrose designs expertly showed off their classy vintage looks. (ambrosedesigns)

Bodega Boutique brought the heat with their eclectic variety of pieces. (bodegaboutique)

…and we provided that alien chic streetwear (thebzly)

It was really impressive to see all these different stores and designers show their stuff. We were honestly just trying to take it all in and learn some things.

Aside from the expected chaos backstage at a fashion show, the event went pretty smooth. I managed to get the coolest of models to walk for me..so that was awesome. It was a good time. I may have stress eaten a bag of party mix…but other then that, thumbs up. 

If you were there, let me know what you thought of the show! Email us (contact@thebzly.com), or message us on Facebook.

IF YA MISSED IT, we mayyy have a video coming soon.


Till next time..Take Care,

- P