BZLY Explores Nocturne

Oh Hey,

How’s it going? I’m just here in full lazy Sunday mode eating allll the candy (shoutout to Freak Lunchbox).

Today I’m talking about Nocturne. If you don’t know what Nocturne is, it’s a night in Halifax where there are gazillions of art installations all over the city. Thousands of people just get out and explore. It may be one of my favourite nights of the year.

Nights like Nocturne remind me how cool this city is. So many great artists, and thousands of captivated audience members just strolling through the streets. This year was definitely one of my favourites. Here’s a run-down of some of the cool things I was able to see:


This installation was set in St. Matthew’s Church. The venue alone has a way of setting tone for epic performances. The church’s front wall was illuminated with scrolling text, numbers, and sacred geometry. Music bounced through the church timed to the frantic visuals. All of this built up to an epic crescendo, followed by a sombre decent. In the forefront of the stage, circus performers flowed with the music, performing a skillful set of acrobatics. It was great. If ya missed it..ya missed out.


This installation was set at the feet of the old public library with Bud the Spud flanking the performance…making all attending crave fries. Three performers belted out clever lyrics over a synth that could be heard all down Spring Garden Road. The backdrop; a multi-coloured geometrical installation created by the Dalhousie School of Architecture. Super cool, super fun.


Set in the Paul O’Regan Theatre inside the public library, this picturesque installation featured a lone acrobat suspended high over a pile of books on the floor below. In the background ambient music set the tone, with intermittent verbal anecdotes peppered throughout the performance. The whole message behind this piece was to stress the importance of libraries as a hub of information. Judging by the success of the central library, I think Halifax resoundingly agrees with this sentiment.

THE NIGHT WAS GREAT. It was capped off by a trip to the Stilwell Beer Garden to say goodbye to the cities best hang-spot (till next year!). It’s very inspiring to see the support for art in the city. I think it’s pretty special.

Halifax…Dartmouth…you cool…you so cool.


Take Care,

- P