Vol 1: White Shoes, Skinny Knees & Drake

Welcome to Cool Pants. Here are 3 things that happened in streetwear this week:

1. The All-White Shoe

This week Adidas announced a couple new shoes; The Ultra Boost Laceless Mid, and Crazy Explosive 17’s. Nike clapped back with a pretty significant Air Max 97 announcement. All these shoes look crazy in their own right, but there’s one issue for me; All three of these sneakers are all-white. Don't get me wrong…fresh out of the box i’m sure these releases look great, but I feel like for the common person, white shoes are a struggle. They look so damn good…for 3-4 months then you have a busted yellowing sole and it’s over. But I dunno. They still look dope nonetheless. Have a look at all three below:

Adidas Ultra Boost Laceless Mid


Adidas Crazy Explosive 17’s


Nike Air Max 97’s



2. Gosha & The Knees

Earlier this week, Russian designer Gosha Rubchinshiy showed off his Spring/Summer 2018 line in St. Petersburg, Russia. The collection included collabs with MAJOR companies like Adidas, Burberry, and Stephen Jones. Walking to an off-kilter soundtrack in a dimly lit hallway, models trotted past a small line of media. Attendees saw soccer inspired looks, a selection beyond dad hats I will call grandpa hats, and several oversized crew and knit sweaters. I will add that there were a lot of exposed knees. Yes knees. There were a lot of skinny knees for show on this runway. All jokes aside, it was kinda cool. You know Gosha’s work when you see it, and he has a very interesting style that you may or may not be ready for. All that said, open your mind and check out the whole runway show below:

Gosha Rubchinskiy 2018 Spring/Summer Collection



3. Drake & Stone Island

A couple days ago, Aleks Eror of High Snobiety put out a pretty interesting piece about the brand Stone Island. If you aren’t familiar with the name, there two places where you may have seen their trademark compass logo; In your dad’s closet, or on Drake’s instagram.

The brand has rose quickly in the streetwear scene riding on the back of A-list acts such as Mr. Hotline Bling himself. Eror’s article sheds light on Stone Island’s former identity…the un-official uniform for English soccer hooligans. How hilarious is that. A logo notoriously associated with face-punchy activities has found a new home with the man who wrote Marvin’s Room. Now thats a re-brand. Check out the full article here. It’s pretty great.


That's it for the week. Cool Pants. See you in 7 days.

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