Do Clothes Give You Powers?


How’s it going? Today I wanted to talk about your favourite sweater. Ya I said it. we’re about to get mad personal right now.

Seriously. Imagine it. Your favourite sweater…or shoes…or outfit. Pick something and keep it in your head while I explain.

I was listening to a show the other day called Invisibilia. They tell stories about weird invisible forces that control human behaviour. One of their latest episodes was called “The Secret Emotional Life of Clothes”. I knowww. The title sounds a little pretentious, but hear me out.

They debated if clothes could give you powers. Kind of silly, but reeeallly think about it. Think about that piece of clothing from earlier. When you wear it do you feel different?

One of the things that they discussed in the show was Halloween. People dress up as something, and for a brief period of time have a personality change where they can embody someone else. So…can we say clothes give us powers? I mean what would a superhero be without the badass suit, y’know?

Let’s take it back to you. When you’re getting ready to go somewhere where you want to look your best; a wedding, an interview, maybe a tinder date (ouuu). You put thought into what you wear. What you decide on boosts your confidence. You feel good when you’re looking your best.

So I’m going to skip all the BS. I really think clothes do give us powers. I feel different when I’m wearing a new outfit. I feel comfortable when I’m wearing my favourite hoodie. I feel smarter when I’m in a suit…like I’m about to go drink Brandy, and do deals Mad Men style.

My dream is for my clothes to have powers. For them to mean something to someone. I want what you buy to give you something extra. So I’m over here working to bring you clothes with super powers.

We’re bringing it this fall.

Take Care,

- P