Dude, Your Clothes are Talking

Hey, how are you? I’m just here writing, listening to The Strokes. I said “last night” in a tweet this morning, and then had that song stuck in my head all damn day (Laaaast niiight, she saiid).

Sorry…distracted… Today I’m talking art, fashion, and Kanye West.

I want to talk about your clothes won’t shut up about you.

Even if you’re not the most fashion-forward human, you have to understand that what you wear is often an extension of your personality. Whether you’re at the Met Gala in a tailored Saint Laurent suit, or at a sports bar on Sunday wearing your Patriots jersey…your clothes are talking.

Clothes give you the power to make a statement without saying a word.

What I think is so compelling about fashion as an art-form is that does a great job at creating mutual benefit between creator and the consumer. What I mean is the creator is able to get their art out in the world literally on the backs of individuals. At the same time that individual is proud to be a walking canvas because they use the clothing to project their values and personality.

For example, take Kanye West’s Yeezys. I’ve actually never saw someone wearing them in person. But gad damn, everyone knows about them and they are hella polarizing. The Yeezys, along with West’s line of ‘hobo-chic’ garments have really brought fashion into the pop-culture lime-light…whether you like them or not.

If you are walking around with Yeezy’s you are a walking billboard for Kanye West’s creative vision. In turn, you are able to harness Kanye West’s creation by projecting the style and status of the man himself. Fashion can be a powerful tool in this way.

This deep connection between the fashion designer and the end consumer is what I think draws me to fashion. It’s one thing for a person to come to an art gallery and view a painting, it’s a whole other thing for someone to proudly parade your artwork in public because they too want to be a part of the message.

BZLY’s first series is called A Guide to the Revolution. I created it with the vision of making the uniform for our revolutionaries…thought leaders…the people who want to create positive change.

When you think about it, my clothes can only be seen if other people believe in the art. To see someone wearing a BZLY garment is seeing someone giving life to the artwork. So to anyone who makes a purchase, I couldn’t be more appreciative. Thank you for being the canvas, thank you for carrying the message.

Take Care,