For the Creators

Well hello.

How’s it going? This week I want to talk about CREATING…you know…making things.

How weird is it that we just get random thoughts and they manifest themselves into everything we see around us. Like, someone had a brain thought, and created Neapolitan ice cream. What a legend.

Well today I want to talk about my creative process and see how it compares to all the rest of you creators out there. I’m talking about how I extract the incoherent musings of my brain and convert it to tangible things, like artwork and clothing.

SO. First I wanna know…what type of creator are you? Do you like to get together and collaborate with others … or are you one of those alone-in-a-room-brain-barf-for-hours types?

I’m the alone-in-a-room-brain-barf-type, for sure. What happens with me is I’ll just have this urge to make something, and then I’ll go into this mode (aka The Void) where I just spew all my ideas onto some creative medium. The mass majority comes out as complete garbage, but there are some redeeming ideas from time to time. This is the way I’ve been for as long as I can remember.

When it comes to BZLY, we are taking the same approach.

We will be launching two collections of clothing this year. After the second series launch, I will go into the proverbial Void for a few months, brain barfing (ew, sorry)…taking the time so sift through the garbage musings in search of some gems for the next batch of BZLY goodness.

So how do you create? I want to know, so I don’t feel completely insane.


Take Care,