Halifax...Let's talk Style (Tough Love)


How’s it hanging? Hope your Saturday has been as satisfyingly lazy as mine. It’s snowing in Halifax…I’m not ready for winter just yet. I’ve decided to stock up on chips (Cool Ranch Doritos if your wondering) and ride this one out pretending our land is not becoming a frozen tundra once again (100% in denial).

Today I want to talk to you about style. You know…the fabric that you choose to cover your regions with.

I want to start with a little tough love. Some of us dudes need to step our style game up a bit. All due respect to you wonderful gentlemen, but we could use a little more creativity in how we dress in Halifax. But I'm optimistic! We seem to be moving in a good direction.

I just want to tell you I got you covered. BZLY and a slew of other local designers and shops can hook you up…you just have to come to us instead of buying some generic option. Let’s mix things up a bit. It’s tiiiime.

But I get it, I get it, style is a weird thing. Some people get really into it, and some people couldn’t care less. I’m here as a clothing designer to explain to you what you may be missing.

Imagine you have the option to be given this super power. A super power that allows you to telepathically communicate who you are to another person without even speaking. That would be kind of cool. You could attract people you want to attract without even saying a word.

…you know where I’m going with this, THAT’S YOUR STYLE. It’s a gad damn super power. Your style is your opportunity to project who you are. By not using this form of communication, your forfeiting an opportunity to tell your story.

So Halifax…Canada…World…use your damn style. You’re handicapping yourself if not. I’m not even saying buy my clothes, just buy something interesting…something cool. Support someone you relate with, and then them help you out.

’Til next time.

Take Care,