Here's a T-Rex


We’re going to take this blog back to this 90’s this week. For you 90’s babies, you may have seen this video…watch and get your nostalgia on. For everyone else…you’re welcome.

As silly as it sounds, this video is actually one of the inspirations behind Series 1: A Guide to the Revolution (OUR FIRST SERIES OF CLOTHES). Why? Because it’s amazing.

If you were too damn lazy to watch the video, I will summarize. It’s a PSA made by the Canadian government in the 90’s to encourage kids to be themselves and do what they enjoy. It also features a brother cutting his sister in half, and a kid channeling his inner Donatello with a bo staff.

All jokes aside, this is what A Guide to the Revolution is all about. It’s encouraging people to give 0 f*cks, and do what they enjoy. This freedom of expression is what allows us as a community to develop new ideas, and foster the next great musician, or T-rex impressionist (HERE’S A T-REX).

SO. Whats your thing? My thing is clothes. Creating BZLY, and developing this first series has been a memorable experience. I can’t wait to start sharing some more details in the next few weeks. #BZLYISCOMING

So do your damn thing kids. Play your Tuba loud.

Take Care,