Holy Sh*t We Launch This Week

Hey, How’s your night night going? It’s Sunday evening right now and I’m just sitting here writing and eating a pack of Junior Mints. If you don’t like Junior Mints…we may have to have words.

Today I’m talking about the launch of BZLY. It’s less than a week away, and I’m getting very excited. It’s about to be a crazy week.

I’m proud to say that all BZLY garments have been designed, cut & sewn in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We did it. I’ve worked with some pretty amazing people to put this thing together, and I am very grateful for everyone who had a hand in any part of the process.

If you buy a BZLY garment this Friday, please know that you’re not only supporting BZLY… you have a hand in giving life to a whole industry in Nova Scotia. You support me, I support other Nova Scotian designers and seamers, and boom, we get the ball rolling on a real movement.

I hope you all can come out to the fashion show (DDFS..Nov 18th..be there ya dingus) to see it all come together. I’ve put all I got into this project, so come celebrate with me.


Take Care,