I Watched a Jeremy Scott Doc

Suh. Whats going on? I watched a Jeremy Scott Documentary this week (on Netflix, check it out) and I’m gunna talk about it right now because I have some things to say, because this is my blog and I do what I waaaaant.

Who is Jeremy Scott? To most people he’s the guy who makes the crazy shoes. You know, the gold Adidas Stan Smith’s with the wings? Or maybe you know him as the guy who designed the Super Bowl halftime show where Katie Perry danced on stage with that shark (Google is your friend if you need it). But all you really need to know is Jeremy Scott = very famous fashion designer.

Why did I watch this documentary? Well one, because it was recommended to me, and two because I wanted to peak into this guy’s process. Scott is a very polarizing figure in the fashion world, with many people thinking that his satirical, pop-culture focused style has no place in ‘high fashion’. I wanted to develop my own opinion…so here it is.

The doc painted Jeremy Scott as a true individual. Although he admitted at times criticism does get to him, he was adamant about how crucial it is to stay true to his style. In 2013, Scott became the Creative Director of Moschino, a classic Italian brand and received substantial criticism for his vision of the brand. Despite this criticism, Scott took home designer of the year honours that same year. I think this is a great sentiment for all creators and a point I really took to heart. Make what you want to make. If it’s polarizing, you’re probably doing something right. Playing things safe in the creative space may help you in the short-term, and allow you to avoid criticism, but you will never be remembered that way.

Take a chance, make shoes with wings, and have sharks twerk on Katy Perry.

Take Care,