I’m Afraid of Bears

Hey, how’s it going? How was your weekend? Did you dress up for Halloween? Were you Donald Trump? I ran into far too many Donald Trumps around town last night. His hair scares me.


WELL. Today, I’m talking about my day. As in the adventure I went on with my pal TAMO (Tamoshanterlegend, follow his instagram).

We started our journey at 7am where all great journeys begin…Mcdonalds. After we were 2 or 3 McMuffins deep and sufficiently hated ourselves, we decided to head out.

We drove to an undisclosed location and trekked through the woods looking for an epic backdrop to introduce “A Guide to the Revolution” (My first series of clothes…ya dingus). Keep in mind we are two scoundrels from Dartmouth…we legit think every sound in the woods is a bear. I’ve camped twice in my life…I’m not prepared to be away from buildings and cars.

The shoot was an automatic success simply because we didn’t get eaten by a demonic Pooh bear…everything else we found was a bonus. But gad damn we found some cool sh*t. We also scared the hell out of a lady walking her dog on accident. Imagine her. Seeing a dude with a black hoodie and an alien mask deep in the woods. WHOOPS. I gave her stickers though..so I hope she forgives us.

ANYWAYS. Moral of the story is go out in the woods and explore. You find things, and it’s cool. We will be sharing the photos on Instagram in the next few weeks, so follow us! (@thebzly & @tamoshanterlegend).

Oh, and #BZLYISCOMING … I have some news for y’as tomorrow (Mon, 31st)

Take Care,

- P