Local Inspiration


How are things? I’m just here, writing and listening to that new Frank Ocean. Hope you’re doing wellll.

Lets get right into it. Today I’m talking inspiration.

I want to shine a light on some of the incredible businesses that have provided me with motivation to go after this whole BZLY thing.

If you’re from Halifax or Dartmouth (Yes, I make that distinction), then you know that we are spoiled with talented people running incredible businesses all over the city. They feed us, they cloth us, they get us drunk AF, and we love ‘em.

Take Stillwell (@barstillwell) for example. A selected range of top-of-the-line brews…curated products. Although they sell beer, not clothing, the curated selection of high quality goods is something I could relate with my business. Their success allows me to see that there is a market for that type of thing.

ALSO Good Robot Brewing Company (@goodrobotbrew)…my go-to meeting spot. These guys have their operations on lock. Everything just seems to fit so well together, so cohesive in its vision. I can only hope to be able to pull my vision together as good as that gem of a north-end hang.

Then you have the Darkside juggernaught that is Two if By Sea (@twoifbyseacafe). Deadass, I’m willing to do some shameful things for one of those chocolate croissants. AGAIN. Amazing business, keeping things simple, providing us with the BEST coffee.

Then we get into all the clothing in this city (If you don’t know yet, we’re killing it around here). Alexa Pope (@shopalexapope), Bodega Boutique (@bodegaboutique), RCHMND (@rchmndshop), Canook Trading(@canooktrading), New Scotland CC (@newscotlandclothing) , Citadel CC(@citadelcc), Dartmouth CC (@dartmouthclothing), East Coast Lifestyle(@eastcoastlifestyle). It’s amazing…and that’s only a few. It’s wild to see all these companies carving out their spot and providing all this gear for the city.

So ya…thank you to all these rad companies for doing their thing. Halifax … and Dartmouth is lucky to have this wave of talented people. I’m just feeding off the energy… stoked to be a part of it this fall. #BZLYISCOMING