Sandlot Style


How’s it going, whats up, whats new? I’m just nestled in a coffee shop, typing to some droning alt-pop playing over their speaker (sigh). I really hope people think I’m writing some really important movie script or something…that would be cool…

TODAY I’m talking about some of the most random things that inspired the BZLY brand. This includes a movie about baseball, a video game, and one of the greatest basketball teams to ever live.

PF Fliers and The Beast

The Sandlot. Have you seen it? It’s a movie about a rag-tag bunch of kids who play baseball. One day Scotty Smalls hits his first home run. Problem is, the ball he hit was autographed by Babe Ruth. Hilarity ensues as the group tries to get the ball back from the clutches of “The Beast”; a retired junkyard dog on the opposite side of the fence. In a last ditch effort to recover the ball, Benny Rodriguez laces up an all black pair of PF Fliers and soars over the fence, grabbing the ball and saving the day.

So how in the hell has this influenced BZLY? Well partly because I tend to dress like I’m about to start my own Sandlot to this day. But, that scene where Benny puts on those PF Fliers (although an obvious product placement moment) always stuck with me. I wanted those shoes so bad. I wanted to jump fences and outrun junkyard dogs. I think this was one of my earliest realizations that I was really into fashion (is that a stretch?) I dunno.

Tony Hawk and The Dead Kennedy’s

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater (google it). This game was everything growing up. It had probably the greatest soundtrack ever, introducing me to the Dead Kennedys, Suicidal Tendencies, and Rage Against the Machine. On top of that, it brought you into a weird dystopian world. Skate culture, and the whole vibe of this game (aliens included) was a big influence on the aesthetic of BZLY.

Basically, I really just want Rodney Mullen to wear a BZLY hoodie.

Dennis Rodman and Jordan IV’s

Dennis Rodman, Scottie Pippen, Michael Jordan…the 1996 Chicago Bulls. The dream team. I promise you that the mass majority of my clothing as a kid had the bull on it (as I’m sure many of you too). I remember begging my parents to get me a Jordan jersey for years. I saved up for it, and to this day I remember the exact rack, in the exact store at Mic Mac Mall I finally got it from. Michael Jordan shocked our whole culture. Jordan’s are still prized sneakers to this day, and the man has been out of the league for decades.

The way I run BZLY is heavily inspired by the Jordan model. Release exclusive renditions of streetwear with a heavy focus on colour-ways, textures, and patterns.

In closing, if someone happens to ask you what BZLY is all about, tell them a mix of PF Fliers, junkyard dogs, Tony Hawk, The Dead Kennedys, Dennis Rodman and Jordan IV’s…cool?


Take Care,