BZLY Series I Style Guide

Hey there,

WELL. This one is a little late. Sorry! Sometimes life happens people! Monday night football is starting up, and the only thing lit in this room other than the TV is my christmas tree (is there a star at the top? Nope… Alien head).

Today I’m giving you a quick BZLY ‘Style Guide’ for our inaugural series; A Guide to the Revolution (AGTTR). I’m going to explain a couple different ways you can style your BZLY garments (or similar garments) to make you look cool AF. The overall concept behind this series is ‘layering’. Just try to use all the garments in your fit in ways you may not normally.

So here we go.

The Lay-Low Tee is made a bit longer than a normal tee, allowing it to show under layers. This is why we put the ‘law low’ patch at the bottom of the garment, to show at the bottom of your outfit. What I like to do is wear the long tee under a heather grey, white or black pull-over hoodie. The grey lay-low tee falls out under the hoodie and splits up the top portion of your fit from the bottom. Maybe stray away from the tucked-in look your pops has going on huh? I usually wear black jeans with this look and some black kicks or boots.

Our AGTTR Grime Hoodie was designed to be a tailored fit. This allows you to layer a sleek bomber over top of it, or pair it with a jean jacket. We’re kicking it a bit old school with this look, but with the re-birth of the Thrasher hoodies, this fit is perfecto.

The BZLY Bomber is a signature piece. You can wear it alone, with a white t-shirt, or throw on a black pull-over hoodie, the thing really looks good with anything. Just make sure you pair it with other grayscale garments (white, gray, black). The patches really make this piece.

SO. Take some of these tips if you wish. Even apply them to any t-shirt, hoodie, or bomber. Ultimately just have fun with all the pieces…try some things…keep it kind of grimy. Stick with the black, white, and grey. TILL NEXT TIME.

Take Care,