So...Wanna Create With Us?


How are you? How ya livin’? It’s Sunday evening…it’s December. Instagram is stocked full of tipsy holiday party selfies, and failed gingerbread houses. I myself am contemplating which holiday movie I should kick this season off with (Home Alone? Elf?). Suggestions are welcome.

But onto the blog. I’m talking collaboration today.

Do you wanna hang with us? Because I’m looking for people who like to create.

I’ve been lucky enough to be surrounded by some pretty awesome creatives. We’ve been running around the city just making sh*t we like. It’s a fun time, and we are looking for some other people who can bring some different ideas and talents to the table. Ya know… join the crew…talk about space and stuff, and occasionally go on adventures.

The advantage to a project like BZLY is that we have the flexibility to collaborate with other creative projects and make things that are mutually beneficial…while just hanging and doing what we love. It’s a crazy win-win, and it can result in some really awesome things.

So… lets collaborate and elevate each other. You can even hang with our alien friend (don’t tell the government).

If you want to meet and create give us a shout at

Til next time.

Take Care,

- P