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Welcome to Cool Pants. Here are 3 things that happened in streetwear this week:


This week we got a good look at what we can expect from Supreme's Fall/Winter 17 collection. Among other things, the series includes a Nas tee, a potential Nike collab, and some pop-arty jackets and crewnecks. Check out all of the details below:


Directly following his latest release Flower Boy, Tyler the Creator is back creating in a different realm. Converse officially released Tyler's take on the Converse One Star this week. Unfortunately for anyone looking to cop, these sold out on the first day. Nonetheless, I think this is a good step for the sneaker brand & the shoes are worth a look. Check them out here.

Tyler the Creator One Star


Fashion-focused Youtube channel i-D release a behind-the-scenes look at Russian designer Gosha Rubchinskiy's latest fashion show. The interview includes musings from the man himself, as well as a comprehensive look at how he is becoming one of the more important voices for Russia's youth. Check out the video here.

That's it for the week. See you in 7 days.
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VOL 6: Travis Scott, Alexander Wang & Uniform Experiment

VOL 6: Travis Scott, Alexander Wang & Uniform Experiment

Welcome to Cool Pants. Here are 3 things that happened in streetwear this week:


This week Travis Scott showed off his new watch…his new million dollar fucking watch. Made by the world-renown Jacob the Jeweller, the accessory set Travis back a cool $1,015,000. Scott is known to give particularly wild fans clothes and accessories off of his back…so maybe wile out at a show for the watch? You never know. I have to say though, the thing is absolutely insane. Check it out here

Travis Scott Watch


This week we got a look at Alexander Wang’s Fall 2017 mens collection. Wang is an iconic designer who has come back with a heavy streetwear focus. The collection is dark, mostly comprised of blacks and deep reds. Many of the graphics are retro car & motorcycle inspired. I actually really dig most of the collection. Have a look at it here.


Japanese brand Uniform Experiment teased their 2017 Fall/Winter line with a pretty interesting video reel featuring the coolest Dalmatian. The brand is gaining some hype in North America. They have a very cool aesthetic. If your looking for something a little bit different, check out the video below.

That's it for the week. See you in 7 days.
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VOL 5: The Weeknd Merch, Fear of God x New Era & Stephon Marbury

VOL 5: The Weeknd Merch, Fear of God x New Era & Stephon Marbury

Welcome to Cool Pants. Here are 3 things that happened in streetwear this week:


If your looking to cop some of The Weeknd’s Starboy merch, you have little over two days to do so. His website is outfitted with an assortment of tees, longsleeves, hoodies and bombers featuring a predominately teal and red colour way. I really like this effort. Check the gear out yourself HERE.


High-end streetwear brand Fear of God is back with another collab, this time with seasoned hat makers New Era. In this release, Fear of God’s Jerry Lorenzo flipped several classic MLB hats as a call-back to the baseball style in the 90’s. All hats were made domestically in the US, and utilize the classic baseball cap design of that era. In the interview below, Jerry explains the collection is inspired by all-time greats like Ken Griffey Jr, Darryl Strawberry and Ricky Henderson. Check out the full interview by Complex below:


Back in the day, Stephon Marbury was a big-time NBA star. When it came to his inevitable shoe deal, Marbury didn’t go toe-to-toe with Jordan but instead created an affordable shoe called ‘The Coney Island Classic’. At that time, AND1 was everywhere. The re-release of this shoe brings back crazy nostalgia. Check out the kicks HERE.

That's it for the week. See you in 7 days.
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Talkin' Cereal

Hey. It's been a while.

How are you? What's new? I went to McDonalds at 5am this morning so this may be written between naps.

The topic for today is important. We're talking cereal people. 

You know. Lucky Charms...Froot Loops...CT Crunch. Cereal. Morning candy

A bunch of people have been asking why I called one of my new tees a 'Cereal Box Tee'. Well. I'm about to explain

Please close your eyes and go back...way back. You are a much younger you in the cereal isle at your local grocery store. You scan through your options. Fruity-os, loopy crunch-os, choc-o-doodles. So many options. But we all know the deal. It's not about the cereal at's about what else is in that damn box. A game maybe? stickers? a Cap'n Crunch T-shirt...

This is the memory that inspired the cereal box tee. There is nothing scuzzier than the free t-shirt from a cereal box. My 'Cereal Box' tee was meant to capture this pure scuzz and transplant it onto a quality t-shirt. Cheesy, scuzzy look...on a buttery soft tee. Ya get me?

If your looking to cop one yourself get it here. (I recommend wearing it under a dirty jean jacket like a true Canadian)

Till next time!

Take Care,

- P




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The Scoundrel Series Style Guide


Whats up. It’s been a while. How have you been?

Today’s post is The Scoundrel Series Style Guide. I’m going to explain some of the inspiration behind the latest series, and how I like to style each piece.


THE OVERVIEW. For those who dress in black. That has been the mantra for this series. The idea was to create pieces that are minimal, understated, yet powerful in their subtlety. It’s a look that captures the vibe of a prime Matt Hoffman in the X Games, the mosh pit at a Death Grips show, an upper bowl seat at a Raiders game. That’s what the series is about. Clothing for scoundrels.

Now onto the gear…

THE BZLY CLASSIC PULLOVER. I’m so happy about how this hoodie turned out. The quality is crazy. I wanted to make something heavy, substantial, something that feels like it could last forever. Made out of a heavyweight 80/20 cotton/polyester blend, this piece will be in your rotation for a long time. This hoodie is perfect for that all-black ‘Matt Hoffman’ look. Pair this with some black jeans and some black converse or vans. The best part of this hoodie is the print underneath the back of the hood. Put the hood up, and words ‘SCOUNDREL’ show across your back…sneaky sneaky.

THE BZLY CLASSIC TEE. This tee is the staple. It’s made of a slick 50/50 cotton/poly blend. The reason I chose this blend was it actually gives the tee a shine to it. It’s a cool feel that you don’t get with your basic white cotton tee. Again, crazy quality on this one. Dawning the classic BZLY logo on the left chest, I like to wear this tee underneath my giant camo jacket. As we get into the spring/summer, this will be a great piece to wear solo (with pants too of course, get your mind out of the gutter).

THE DARTMOUTH SCOUNDREL TEE. This one is for my Dartmouth people. You knowww I had to do something. With the ‘Dartmouth Scoundrel’ box logo on the left chest, this is a piece that has been a definite hit. Same as the BZLY classic tee, this is a 50/50 cotton/poly blend, super clean look. You can wear this with anything as long as that Dartmouth Scoundrel logo is showing…DARTMOUTH4EVER

THE BZLY CLASSIC TOQUE. This toque is a throwback thats on its way back. I used to love the old winter cap. You know…the ones that every NFL team in the early 2000’s had. No pom pom…a nice big cuff…and big bold lettering. Ride the rest of the winter out with this topping off any of your looks. Optimum for pond hockey action…maybe rock a classic LA Kings jersey with it. I see a hat-trick in your future. Just remember. Over one ear or no ear. We don’t want you looking like a weenie.

WELL THAT’S IT. You’re all set. If you want to pick up some of the gear you have three options. Get it at THEBZLY.COM (Powered by Shopify), swing by Bodega Boutique (104 Portland St in Dartmouth), or head to Alexa Pope (1477 Lower Water St in Halifax).

Oh, and make sure to send me a pic of you in your new gear to to be featured on our Instagram page.

‘Till next time.

Take Care,


- P






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BZLY Explores Nocturne

Oh Hey,

How’s it going? I’m just here in full lazy Sunday mode eating allll the candy (shoutout to Freak Lunchbox).

Today I’m talking about Nocturne. If you don’t know what Nocturne is, it’s a night in Halifax where there are gazillions of art installations all over the city. Thousands of people just get out and explore. It may be one of my favourite nights of the year.

Nights like Nocturne remind me how cool this city is. So many great artists, and thousands of captivated audience members just strolling through the streets. This year was definitely one of my favourites. Here’s a run-down of some of the cool things I was able to see:


This installation was set in St. Matthew’s Church. The venue alone has a way of setting tone for epic performances. The church’s front wall was illuminated with scrolling text, numbers, and sacred geometry. Music bounced through the church timed to the frantic visuals. All of this built up to an epic crescendo, followed by a sombre decent. In the forefront of the stage, circus performers flowed with the music, performing a skillful set of acrobatics. It was great. If ya missed it..ya missed out.


This installation was set at the feet of the old public library with Bud the Spud flanking the performance…making all attending crave fries. Three performers belted out clever lyrics over a synth that could be heard all down Spring Garden Road. The backdrop; a multi-coloured geometrical installation created by the Dalhousie School of Architecture. Super cool, super fun.


Set in the Paul O’Regan Theatre inside the public library, this picturesque installation featured a lone acrobat suspended high over a pile of books on the floor below. In the background ambient music set the tone, with intermittent verbal anecdotes peppered throughout the performance. The whole message behind this piece was to stress the importance of libraries as a hub of information. Judging by the success of the central library, I think Halifax resoundingly agrees with this sentiment.

THE NIGHT WAS GREAT. It was capped off by a trip to the Stilwell Beer Garden to say goodbye to the cities best hang-spot (till next year!). It’s very inspiring to see the support for art in the city. I think it’s pretty special.

Halifax…Dartmouth…you cool…you so cool.


Take Care,

- P

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The BZLY Origin Story

Well hey.

I’m glad you found the blog way back here in the cobwebs of the Internet.

QUICK INTRO in case you are just stumbling upon this. I’m Peter. I’m a 25 year old from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, and I own a startup clothing brand called BZLY.

I’m going to be doing these ramblings every week. The idea is to talk about all the things that make up BZLY. It could be as trivial as some rant on how ’Hey Arnold’ was the greatest 90’s cartoon ever (come at me bro), or it could be something like today, an origin story. The point is to give you a background into who I am, and in turn, what BZLY represents. NOW, to the origin story of the name BZLY.

Once upon a time, there was a much shorter, much younger version of me running around Dartmouth. I spent a lot of my childhood around one place,Beazley field. I used to sit in the stands and watch the local team, the Moosehead Dry play. I’d go to their summer camps. The players used to call me Nomar because I used to mimic the full batting routine of 90’s baseball legendNomar Garciaparra. That, was a detail that you did not need. BUT it paints the scene. These were some of my best childhood memories.

I had my first “job” at Beazley field. They told me and my buddy Kyle that they would pay us a dollar for every foul ball we caught and brought back. We made like 5 bucks one night. I guess you could say that was my first foray into the entrepreneurial life.

So tying this together. Beazley = BZLY.

The name represents the community I grew up in. It’s an ode to Dartmouth and all the people who supported me and helped me reach this point.

Thanks for reading.

Take Care,


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