Talkin' Cereal

Hey. It's been a while.

How are you? What's new? I went to McDonalds at 5am this morning so this may be written between naps.

The topic for today is important. We're talking cereal people. 

You know. Lucky Charms...Froot Loops...CT Crunch. Cereal. Morning candy

A bunch of people have been asking why I called one of my new tees a 'Cereal Box Tee'. Well. I'm about to explain

Please close your eyes and go back...way back. You are a much younger you in the cereal isle at your local grocery store. You scan through your options. Fruity-os, loopy crunch-os, choc-o-doodles. So many options. But we all know the deal. It's not about the cereal at's about what else is in that damn box. A game maybe? stickers? a Cap'n Crunch T-shirt...

This is the memory that inspired the cereal box tee. There is nothing scuzzier than the free t-shirt from a cereal box. My 'Cereal Box' tee was meant to capture this pure scuzz and transplant it onto a quality t-shirt. Cheesy, scuzzy look...on a buttery soft tee. Ya get me?

If your looking to cop one yourself get it here. (I recommend wearing it under a dirty jean jacket like a true Canadian)

Till next time!

Take Care,

- P