The BZLY Origin Story

Well hey.

I’m glad you found the blog way back here in the cobwebs of the Internet.

QUICK INTRO in case you are just stumbling upon this. I’m Peter. I’m a 25 year old from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, and I own a startup clothing brand called BZLY.

I’m going to be doing these ramblings every week. The idea is to talk about all the things that make up BZLY. It could be as trivial as some rant on how ’Hey Arnold’ was the greatest 90’s cartoon ever (come at me bro), or it could be something like today, an origin story. The point is to give you a background into who I am, and in turn, what BZLY represents. NOW, to the origin story of the name BZLY.

Once upon a time, there was a much shorter, much younger version of me running around Dartmouth. I spent a lot of my childhood around one place,Beazley field. I used to sit in the stands and watch the local team, the Moosehead Dry play. I’d go to their summer camps. The players used to call me Nomar because I used to mimic the full batting routine of 90’s baseball legendNomar Garciaparra. That, was a detail that you did not need. BUT it paints the scene. These were some of my best childhood memories.

I had my first “job” at Beazley field. They told me and my buddy Kyle that they would pay us a dollar for every foul ball we caught and brought back. We made like 5 bucks one night. I guess you could say that was my first foray into the entrepreneurial life.

So tying this together. Beazley = BZLY.

The name represents the community I grew up in. It’s an ode to Dartmouth and all the people who supported me and helped me reach this point.

Thanks for reading.

Take Care,