The Definitive Holiday Movie Guide

Hey. How are you? What’s new? Have you spent the weekend battling mall traffic and dodging granny elbows? The holidays can be stressful (and dangerous). You could very well get run-over by a mom trying to get to the last Xbox. But fear not. Relax. I got you. I’m about to deliver the DEFINITIVE, MUST-WATCH, holiday movie list.

You may disagree with the list below…you’d be wrong…but that’s fine. I love you all the same. If you want to come over and watch with one with me…well I don’t have that many couches, but I would have you all over if I could.

ANYWAYS. Here’s my top 3:

The Grinch

Okay. Lets be clear. I’m talking about the classic Grinch here. The crusty cartoon grinch. Sometimes you have to watch a throwback to get in the holiday spirit. Dr. Suess bars OUT in this one. Just a rhyme-fest. I always feel bad for the dog who has to drag that big ass sled. But I mean. It ends well right?


Can we agree Will Ferrell is awesome? This movie provides all the cheesiness you would expect from a holiday movie. Sometime you just need to embrace it, ya know? Warning. This one may kill your appetite for maple syrup for a few weeks. I’m sorry about that. Other then that though, it’s a holiday staple. Pre ‘Game of Thrones’ Peter Dinklage is in it. Who doesn’t appreciate a Tyrion Lannister cameo?

Home Alone

A true classic. I’m talking OG Home Alone I. I can entertain Home Alone II, but come at me with III and we are going to have problems. I set traps all of my childhood simply to prepare for a Home Alone event to happen. Some call that movie-induced trauma, I would call it preparation. But seriously. A classic holiday film. I mean who doesn’t have a soft-spot for the Wet Bandits? Joe Pesci and his golden tooth. Undeniable classic.

BAM. There’s my top three. I’m going to cut this short and go watch one. I’m on this holiday train now. Feel free to send me Quality Streets and Egg Nog.

‘Till Next Time.

Take Care,