The Scoundrel Series Style Guide


Whats up. It’s been a while. How have you been?

Today’s post is The Scoundrel Series Style Guide. I’m going to explain some of the inspiration behind the latest series, and how I like to style each piece.


THE OVERVIEW. For those who dress in black. That has been the mantra for this series. The idea was to create pieces that are minimal, understated, yet powerful in their subtlety. It’s a look that captures the vibe of a prime Matt Hoffman in the X Games, the mosh pit at a Death Grips show, an upper bowl seat at a Raiders game. That’s what the series is about. Clothing for scoundrels.

Now onto the gear…

THE BZLY CLASSIC PULLOVER. I’m so happy about how this hoodie turned out. The quality is crazy. I wanted to make something heavy, substantial, something that feels like it could last forever. Made out of a heavyweight 80/20 cotton/polyester blend, this piece will be in your rotation for a long time. This hoodie is perfect for that all-black ‘Matt Hoffman’ look. Pair this with some black jeans and some black converse or vans. The best part of this hoodie is the print underneath the back of the hood. Put the hood up, and words ‘SCOUNDREL’ show across your back…sneaky sneaky.

THE BZLY CLASSIC TEE. This tee is the staple. It’s made of a slick 50/50 cotton/poly blend. The reason I chose this blend was it actually gives the tee a shine to it. It’s a cool feel that you don’t get with your basic white cotton tee. Again, crazy quality on this one. Dawning the classic BZLY logo on the left chest, I like to wear this tee underneath my giant camo jacket. As we get into the spring/summer, this will be a great piece to wear solo (with pants too of course, get your mind out of the gutter).

THE DARTMOUTH SCOUNDREL TEE. This one is for my Dartmouth people. You knowww I had to do something. With the ‘Dartmouth Scoundrel’ box logo on the left chest, this is a piece that has been a definite hit. Same as the BZLY classic tee, this is a 50/50 cotton/poly blend, super clean look. You can wear this with anything as long as that Dartmouth Scoundrel logo is showing…DARTMOUTH4EVER

THE BZLY CLASSIC TOQUE. This toque is a throwback thats on its way back. I used to love the old winter cap. You know…the ones that every NFL team in the early 2000’s had. No pom pom…a nice big cuff…and big bold lettering. Ride the rest of the winter out with this topping off any of your looks. Optimum for pond hockey action…maybe rock a classic LA Kings jersey with it. I see a hat-trick in your future. Just remember. Over one ear or no ear. We don’t want you looking like a weenie.

WELL THAT’S IT. You’re all set. If you want to pick up some of the gear you have three options. Get it at THEBZLY.COM (Powered by Shopify), swing by Bodega Boutique (104 Portland St in Dartmouth), or head to Alexa Pope (1477 Lower Water St in Halifax).

Oh, and make sure to send me a pic of you in your new gear to to be featured on our Instagram page.

‘Till next time.

Take Care,


- P