Hey friends. What’s new…how ya doing?

I thought I’d drop a little info today on what we’ve been up to…I mean other than binge watching Black Mirror and eating nachos.

We’re dropping our second line entitled The Scoundrel Series on February 9th! Gad damn I’m excited for this one. This series is a part of our Offseason Classic brand. Quality, Canadian-made gear. I really wanted to make a line of really clean, minimalistic looks this time around. We are just about done with production, and I’m dying to show everything off.

The Scoundrel Series is all black. Consider it an epilogue to our first signature series, “A Guide to the Revolution’. I like to dress in all black. I think we all have those days. For whatever reason all black makes a statement. The lack of colour actually makes more of a contrast in a crowd at times.

The series is just meant to be fun. Everyone is a scoundrel sometimes. It’s a reminder to stay curious…be adventurous…maybe not always take the safe route. I have to really push myself to do this. I like me a niiiice night of Netflix and naps. BUT 2017 is about adventure. Go climb a damn mountain and fight a bear. Go out to a show and mosh. Rent a car and go get lost somewhere. I dunno. Dress in all black. Go make some memories. Your allowed to be a scoundrel sometimes.

Oh. I’m going to announce something cool tomorrow (Monday 23rd). Follow me on instagram at THEBZLY to see!


Take Care,