To Be an Entrepreneur


Welcome back to the chronicles. How’s life? I am just finishing up a Netflix binge of Suits. To be honest I haven’t watched an episode, I just napped and woke up to the “Are you still there screen?” (You Netflix people can relate).

ANYWAYS, todays topic is entrepreneurship.

I wanted to take this week to talk about being an entrepreneur because I feel like there has to be someone out their who wants their own business, has a great idea, but just doesn’t know the path to get there. That was my issue for awhile, I couldn’t see the path. I didn’t know many entrepreneurs, and wasn’t sure how I would get from where I was, to where I wanted to be.

So I’m going to tell you my story (so far). All of the things I did to get to this point; two months out from the launch of my first business.

To begin, lets start with 11 year old me. That’s when I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur. This was a few years after coping with the news I would never be a ninja, or a Power Ranger. When I was a kid, I saw this other kid on the waterfront during an event one year. He was selling yo-yos, and for whatever reason I couldn’t get the idea out of my mind. It seemed like such a cool thing (obviously, it has stuck with me until this day). BUT, I just couldn’t see the path at the time to do something myself…but it was a seed.

Fast-forward to my teenage years. Prince Andrew High School. I still had that desire to be an entrepreneur, so I took a class in entrepreneurship. We had a entrepreneurship fair where we were able to sell something. I sold hash browns (tight move, I know), and did pretty well. I couldn’t believe how good it felt. To work on a business, and actually be able to see your products exchange hands for real money. I was just having fun setting up the business, the money part blew my mind. BUT, as much as I was falling in love with the idea, I couldn’t see the path yet.

My plan was to start a business right after high school. This didn’t happen. The moment STILL wasn’t right. I went to University at Saint Mary’s, and worked full-time to pay for it. Got an undergrad degree in business and an MBA. At moments I felt I was getting off-course, taking small detours with degrees and jobs that weren’t allowing me to take the plunge. I kept reminding myself that the skills I was learning in work and in school are skills I can use when the time comes.

Last year I felt like my opportunity was close. I knew I wanted to design and sell clothing, so I began to build some more skills that I would need. In the winter, I took a graphic design course at NSCAD after my day-job. This gave me the basics for designing and marketing my products. I then linked up with a local designer and professor who began to teach me the entire process behind garment production.

Shortly after that, I registered the name BZLY, and started in on the journey I dreamed about for over a decade.

For anyone reading who wants to be an entrepreneur, just know that there isn’t one set path. My road has had many unexpected detours, many more then I included here. I just tried to focus on making small steps. Not all of us get handed a fat cheque and can just go for it. Save money, build skills, do anything you can to get closer…and when you get the smallest of chances, go for it.

Take Care,