Vol 2: Khaled & CP3

Welcome to Cool Pants. Here are a couple things that happened in streetwear this week:

1. Khaled's Jordans

DJ Khaled announced his pair of Jordan III’s this week; A red leather sneaker with black & white elephant print highlights. It feels like this one has been a long time coming.

The video below shows Khaled breaking down the history behind the sneaker. He explains that he has wanted this for a long time. It comes off as very genuine. The sneaker is named, ‘Grateful’, and in this interview Khaled really embodies that sentiment. All that being said, some of the details on this sneaker are kind of meh. I like the ‘We The Best’ Jumpman logo, but on the heel tab of the shoe there are hashtags printed…#majorkey #blessup #jordan23. They just feel kind of misplaced and cheap-looking. But that’s just my opinion…I wear busted vans on the daily so who am I.

Check out Khaled’s Jordan III for yourself here:

2. CP3's Capsule Collection

The NBA off-the-bus walk-in might as well be a run-way these days. Every player is trying to show off their style and Chris Paul is no exception. This week he dropped his Five Four Club Capsule Collection in New York.

The collection featured a mostly white and blue lineup of garments including joggers, khakis, and button ups. There was nothing really stand-out, but it’s good to see an athlete getting more of an opportunity to push into the fashion world aside from a sneaker deal. With Russell Westbrook collaborating with True Religion back in 2016, it looks like we will see more of this from your favourite players in the next few years. Let's be honest, we’re all fully expecting Russ to have a second career in fashion once he retires.

Check out Chris Paul talking about his collection here:


That's it for the week. Cool Pants. See you in 7 days.

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