Vol 3: $200 Underwear, Ric Flair & Supreme

Welcome to Cool Pants. Here are 3 things that happened in streetwear this week:

1. $200 Underwear

OK. So the French Fashion house Balenciaga just dropped their Spring/Summer line which included $200 underwear set. No lie they are literally just black and white underwear with Balenciaga woven into the waist band. You can’t even flex on people in these…they are underwear. smh.

Read more about the drop here:

2. Ric Flair Sneaker Shopping

If anyone knows anything about wrestling, they know about the The Nature Boy … Rick Flair. A man LeBron James himself calls the inventor of swag. Well Mr. Flair was on Complex’s ‘Sneaker Shopping’ this week breaking down his favourite kicks and showing off his $160,000 outfit. It’s definitely worth a watch.

Check it out here:

3. Supreme x Louis Vuitton Release

Lastly, Supreme and Louis Vuitton dropped their much anticipated collaboration this week. This was easily one of the most hyped drops in recent memory. Along with the classic box logo tee, there were leathers (wallets, belts), kicks, and a signature Louis Vuitton all-over print hoodies. The video below shows the line at the London store. There was a kid who dropped $8,000…now thats hype.

Check out the crazy video of the London line here:

That's it for the week. Cool Pants. See you in 7 days.

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