VOL 4: Kendell & Kylie Jenner, Thrasher & Kendrick Lamar

Welcome to Cool Pants. Here are 3 things that happened in streetwear this week:

1. Kendell & Kylie Jenner Sued Over T-Shirts

A few weeks back Kendell & Kylie Jenner dropped a line of t-shirts... t-shirts with their faces and initials overlaid on top of iconic photos of artists like Tupac and Biggie. Many people believed the shirts were disrespectful to the legends the garments depicted. Who knows what Kendell & Kylie’s real intentions were, but it looks like they may be in even further trouble as the photographer who took the iconic photos has decided to sue. Yikes. Check out the shirts in question here. What do you think?


2. Thrasher x Fucking Awesome Collab

For skaters and hypebeasts alike. Thrasher has teamed up with fellow skate brand Fucking Awesome for a set of tees and hoodies. Each piece sports a “Thrasher Trash” logo on the front and a sketched out Fucking Awesome graphic on the back. They also put together a pretty decent skate video to accompany the line. Check it out:

3. Kendrick Lamar Pop-Ups

The iconic “DAMN” garments, along with a slew of other items will be on sale throughout the US as the LA rapper announced his Pop-up Tour starting July 10th. Details for the events are still yet to be disclosed, but it feels like anything Kendrick does is big, so expect something interesting. For all of us who are not living in a big city, lets be grateful the internet is a thing. If your hankering for some Kendrick merch, click here.

That's it for the week. Cool Pants. See you in 7 days.

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