BZLY at DDFS (We’re in a Fashion Show)

Hey! How’s it going? Anything new going on in your life? I know you can’t really answer me, but I’m sure your doing all the exciting things. I’m writing this on the eve of our world collapsing. This whole US President thing is freaking me out (CNN is on in the background…the scrolling news thing is giving me anxiety with all the CAPS.. EVERYTHING IS SO IMPORTANT).

But ah, yeah…this blog is about none of that…its about DDFS!

What is DDFS you ask? Well it’s the Downtown Dartmouth Fashion Show ya dingus.

BZLY was given the opportunity to jump into the mix alongside 5 other awesome local shops/designers (Bodega Boutique, Vivacious Vixen, Room 152, Twigg and Feather, and Ambrose Designs).

It’s been quite a ride to this point getting ready for things. I think we’ve cooked up a pretty cool show. Each shop/designer has complete creative control over their section of the show. Expect a wide-variety of presentations with this open format. BZLY will absolutely be covering the alien demographic, so if your into that space sh*t, you better come check it out. I’ve been lucky enough to link up with some pretty talented people who are going to make this BZLY debut something special. Oh, and food and drinks after the show! What more could you want?

OH, annndd If you’re at the show, you can get your hands on the first run of BZLY garments. Series I: A Guide to the Revolution will be out in all it’s glory.

So in closing, If you hate clothes, food, drinks, and music…by all means, don’t come..but I mean how many non-music loving nudist non-eaters are out there? I expect to see the rest of you there.

November 18th at Alderney Landing! Get your tickets at


Take Care,