BZLY The Magazine

This tri-annual magazine is a time stamp of our creative process. We started it to explore new ideas, take design risks & tell our story as it is happening. What you will see in the pages to come is an excerpt of our last few months (Winter 2020).

Our latest issue (VOL 2 ISSUE 1) is inspired by the world of racing, more specifically one Canadian great; Jacques Villeneuve. Jacques was the first and the only Canadian F1 racer to win the coveted Indianapolis 500. As children of the 90s, this was a compelling story for us to revisit. Stepping back into the year 1995 provided us great joy. Emulating the aesthetic of the early 90’s and grabbing inspiration from the cigarette-forward racing advertising was indeed a blast from the past.

For a look into our world of JACQUES, check out the digital version of the magazine below.